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Recent Articles

Patience and Providence: Pastor David Kingrea Reflects on Mt. Lebanon’s Building Program

Abner Zook Painting Being Offered at 2024 Auction

Disaster Ministry: Growth and Change

Shenandoah District DEM John Jantzi Announces Retirement

Sharing Our Story: Middle River Celebrates 200 Years of Ministry

Disaster Ministry and Auction Stories

District Partners with Habitat for Humanity to Address Critical Repairs

Staunton Builds Ramp in New Disaster Ministries Partnership

Aylors Discover Sow ‘n’ Grow Fundraising Potential

One Volunteer’s Story of Service: Ruth Stump and District Disaster Ministries

District Volunteer Returns From Kentucky

Sharing Treasures: Anna Belle Stevens

Giving Hearts, Willing Fingers – Flora Coffman

Giving Hearts, Willing Fingers – Ned Conklin

Share-A-Meal: Sharing More Than A Meal

“And the Mem’ries They Uncover, Become the Light that Leads Them . . .:” Ray Foster’s Legacy

Shenandoah District Disaster Ministries: Early Beginnings Featured in “The Messenger”

Church Stories, Congregational Leadership and Program Development

Church Leadership Through Yoked Congregations: Preserving Congregational Uniqueness and Ministry

Church Leadership: A Look at Yoked Ministries and Cooperative Congregational Outreaches

“Making Do:” How Walker’s Chapel Embraced the Congregation-Led Model of Ministry

Mt. Zion-Linville: Keeping it Simple

Arbor Hill Provides Shelter

Bethel-Mayland Hosts Adult VBS

Bridgewater Congregation Outreach to Parents and Young Children Launched

First Church: Children Near and Far

Kids Club Making a Comeback at Stone

Valley Pike: Reading the Owner’s Manual


Scott Duffey: Retirement Interview

Walt Crull: Retirement Interview (coming soon)

Dan King: Retirement Interview

Wayne Pence: Retirement Interview

Doug Philips: Retirement Interview

Grant Simmons: Retirement Interview

Lucille Vaughn: 2019 Living Peace Award


On Christmas Day 300 Years Ago

Brethren and Education: A History of Struggle in the Valley of Virginia